The combination of poor understanding + a cultural appetite for instant gratification = Internet Marketers, Funnel Hackers, and SEO’s  ripping people off.  There are good guys, but the scammers are preying on the under-informed who are looking for a cheaper, easier way.

That’s why I wrote this piece for Forbes.

SEO red flags

For real success, you should be asking your potential marketing company questions. If and when you see sales pitches that include the red flags below, run as far and fast as you can.


Internet marketing is continually changing and evolving. Specific guarantees are dicey at best. Any reputable marketer knows this and will be transparent with you about why their numbers are merely an educated guess, and will speak in “averages.” (i.e., “Most clients accomplish X within Y time frame, but it could take as long as Z”).

Instant Results:

As with anything promising immediate results, there is usually something else that is at risk of being seriously harmed. Digital marketing is no different.

A monopoly:

This is the holy grail of marketing. Total domination over your competitors. Yes, the goal is top visibility, but total domination of all ads and all websites imaginable is unrealistic. Considering the number of websites fighting for top spots, even if you are doing everything right, only one will walk away with the gold. Based on logic alone, this makes no sense to promise, but it doesn’t stop many from trying it anyway.

Costs That Sound Too Good To Be True:

It is fascinating how willing people are to waste money for a “great deal” instead of paying a little more for quality, even when the stakes are incredibly high.

Read the full post here on Forbes or let me know what other red flags should I add to the list.

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