4 Google Easter Eggs

With Easter here, I wanted to share some of the best online Easter eggs. And since search engines are my world, here is a collection of hidden gems among everyone’s favorite search engine, Google.

4 Google Easter Eggs

1. Atari Breakout. This class Pong-inspired game lets you bounce a ball off bricks, breaking them one-by-one. And, Google will let you play it on-demand. Type “Atari breakout” into Google image search. Watch your image search results transform into colored bricks and say goodbye to the next hour of productivity.

2. Zerg Rush. If Atari Breakout can waste time, then Zerg Rush can make you jobless. It’s an Easter egg that sets Google’s search results into a war zone. Once you type the “Zerg Rush” into the search box, countless Google’s O’s will attack the page, slowly destroying the search results. You job is to prevent them from consuming your screen.

3. Do a Barrel Roll, Askew, and Tilt. When in Chrome or Firefox, type “do a barrel roll” in a Google search box and watch your screen rotate 360 degrees. On the other hand, typing “askew” or “tilt” will make the screen tilted. See for yourself.

4. YouTube’s “Harlem Shake.” The Harlem Shake craze took off into the stratosphere in 2013. And it seems like YouTube, a Google-owned property, hasn’t moved on yet. Type “Do the Harlem Shake” in YouTube’s search box. Now, glue your eyes to the YouTube logo.