Being in the SEO industry, I’m glued to a device seemingly 24/7. I work all day on a laptop and then once work is done, like everyone else, I’m frequently on social media on my phone. What most of us don’t realize is that this constant exposure to the artificial light of our devices may be jeopardizing the health of our eyes. In recognition of Workplace Eye Wellness Month, here are some ways to protect your vision in our modern world of constant connection.

Ways to Protect Your Vision

1. Proper lighting

Whether you work at an office or home, lighting affects your eye health. Many offices have fluorescent lighting that is less than ideal, and many home offices have lighting that is less than sufficient. And even if you have sufficient lighting indoors, try to welcome as much outdoor, natural light as possible. By using natural light or natural-colored artificial light you’ll help your eyes stay comfortable.

2. Minimize glare

Not to contradict #1, but avoid light glare. This isn’t to say to cut back on #1, but instead, ensure that light doesn’t reflect off of your monitor and cause glare. Minimizing glare can be achieved by using glare-reducing screens or screen covers, or positioning your monitor so that it doesn’t reflect light.

3. Proper distance

Sitting too close to your monitor can cause excessive focus which leads to strain over time. Additionally, try to stand or sit tall enough that you’re looking down on your monitor, no up. This will create a comfortable position for your neck to maintain extended hours of looking at your screen.

4. Frequent breaks

Consider the technique known as 20-20. This means after 20 minutes of screen time, take a few minutes to look at a different object that is 20 feet away. This will keep your eyes from excessively focusing too closely and will protect your eyes efforts also to focus at a distance.

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