Was explaining to one of my team leads why I repeat to the company the importance of the smallest things. Smaller = Bigger

The other week we surveyed the team on pretty basic questions. The answers that came back sucked. Most of the replies were neutral. So neutral that the survey was worthless.

No one replied on the low end. No one replied on the high end. Everything was “perfect.”


Team lead I were talking about the results and he wanted to toss the survey, which was a reasonable option.  The results were worthless, but the practice wasn’t.

I could see why some on the team would answer the super basic questions passively. Didn’t seem like a big deal. That’s.The.Point.  The small things are always what adds up to big impact.

The way you do one thing is the way you do everything, so I sent it back to the team to answer again.

24/7 leveling up until they break through, or own their failures. Everyone on the team either wins or they learn.