20 Years of Reputation Coming Full Circle

One of my clients recently sold their business. They’ve been a customer since February 20, 2009.

I’m so happy for them. Here’s where the story comes in, because there are a lot of personal relationships that came from this business.

This client was one of my first recurring SEO clients. The lady that called in, Stacy, was referred by a mutual friend. She said their name on that first call… I still have no idea who she is talking about. 😆

But that person trusted me, so Stacy trusted me.

Stacy was calling on behalf of her dad’s business. Because his daughter trusted me, he trusted me.

As his business grew, he brought me a second contract. August 29, 2011 we started optimizing his second business’ website.

Over the years in working with his daughter on his account, I respected her attention to detail, transparency, and great personality. I knew she worked only here and there for her dad’s company, so I asked if she’d like to do more of the type of work she helped us help her dad with… but for other SEO clients.

She accepted.

Stacy has now been my content manager for years. She’s a unicorn and I love everything about her.

Fast forward to her dad selling his business. Monday I got a text.

“Hey, is this Damon?”

I replied, “Yes, what’s up!”

Was an old friend from 20 years ago. We met through Elite Rides, my first online project, a car enthusiast website. I stayed loosely in touch with this friend over the last two decades. The last few years transitioned into brief business questions here and there.

Monday’s text was, “The company I work for acquired X.” It was Stacy’s dad’s business.

Connect the dots…

  • reputation > lead intro
  • lead intro > client sale
  • client sale > second client account
  • loyal client > hiring content manager
  • driving results > selling business
  • selling business > acquired by friend that respect each other
  • raving client > singing praises to acquirer
  • reputation > 20 year friend
  • 20 year friend > now coming together in business

Reputations matter. They either cost you friends and money, or make them.

You might not be keeping score, but others are. Might not catch up to you tomorrow, but it will in 20 years.

20 Years of Reputation Coming Full Circle