Big day tomorrow. First call is with a lead in a $120 billion industry.

big SEO lead

I get leads like this weekly with no funnel, no paid ads, no email list.

Never underestimate the value of helping others and giving away the answers to your area of expertise.

“But why would I give away my knowledge for free, Damon?”

You get three types of content consumers:

  1. People that will take your knowledge and run. Good. They were never your customer anyway. But at least you helped them.
  2. The person that may not be a customer now but will refer someone or become a customer themselves, later.
  3. People that buy right away.

No matter which of the three they are, you can’t lose by NOT gatekeeping your knowledge. Scarcity mindset limits opportunities for success. Abundance mindset attracts growth opportunities.

  • If you read anything I post anywhere, it’s likely free.
  • If you read anything I write on Forbes, the SEO advice is free.
  • If you hear me talk on podcasts, I give away everything for free.
  • If you read anything I post here, the business advice is given for free.
  • The 135 page book about SEO that took me two years to write… I give that away for free.

❌ None of it asks you to visit a link or funnel.

❌ None of the traffic driven to those articles were generated by paid ads.

❌ None of it asks you to join a mailing list. In fact, I don’t even have a mailing list.

Giving away all the answers for free is THE most profitable form of marketing I’ve witnessed first hand and is -by far- the biggest source of SEO National’s growth.

That’s what builds trust and brings unsolicited leads like the attached.

Tomorrow’s going to be a good day.