Took a hospitality website from an estimated $10 million in organic sales to $20.4 million in 12 months with SEO.

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Step 1 👉🏻 Fix the site structure

Customers don’t like a slow website or dead pages, so neither does Google. Search engines aren’t going to send a visitor to your website it makes them look bad by recommending it. Make Google look good.

Step 2 👉🏻 Align content with buyer intent

You can AI spam your content all you want, but what good is content if it doesn’t attract a pre-qualified buyer? Don’t write just to write. Align your content with customer pain points that position you as an authority that can solve their problems.

Step 3 👉🏻 Be consistent

Fixing one page or cranking out content here and there won’t cut it.  Fix all your pages, and consistently show up as an authority in your industry.

❓What’s up with the yellow highlight on the image?

More sales that are likely organic, but can’t clearly define the amount.  Because search engines, browsers, and devices are secure and encrypted, sometimes search engines can’t identify where a visitor came from once they land on your site. So, they lump it into “Direct.”

I’ve seen anywhere from 10-50% of Direct likely be associated with organic.  Putting this client potentially even higher at $21 – $25 million.

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