Tesla. The wonder-child of modern times. Innovative products. Reasonable prices. Super-fans everywhere.

I wanted to be one of those super-fans. But my experience with the company of the future has left me feeling like they don’t embrace the power of customer support.

Give your customers various channels to communicate with you and encourage them to do so.

I paid the deposit for 2 Powerwalls on Oct 31, 2017.  Tesla customer service has since vanished… unless they want to sell me more. Then they call me for that.

Tesla thank you

When I placed the order the website stated that installation start in January 2017.



I understand that things can get delayed, so I waited a few weeks and looked online for resources. I couldn’t find any so I emailed Tesla on February 14, 2017. I received no replies.


I waited a few weeks and then messaged Tesla on Twitter on February 27, 2017.



I also messaged on Facebook on February 28, 2017.



No replies to either.

I decided to give tweeting to Elon Musk a try. Seems he’s a cool guy and often communicates/replies to customers.

I wasn’t as fortunate. No replies there either.

Guess I’ll try Tesla Motors. Worth a shot.

No replies.

However, Tesla has since had the time and ability to call and try to sell me on a Powerwall.

Because I filled out a form to get more info about a week before the Powerwall 2 came out and I actually pre-ordered them, someone from Tesla contacted me on approximately March 1 or 2, 2017 to talk to me about buying.  I told the gentleman that I already had. He offered to find out what happened.

A few hours later he called me back to tell me he had no updates and that a manager was now involved and he’d call me back. A few days later I receive an email that there are still no updates.


I do believe this person is doing their best within their capacity. Yet, it’s now been 10 days with no further updates.

This entire process has been a failure of Tesla’s ability to communication transparently.

There’s no way to get an update about orders. There is no online community. There is no way to contact customer service specifically about Powerwall products. And when you contact the only other channels that might be able to help (other Tesla entities) you get nowhere.

I understand that “installation begins January 2017” doesn’t mean that my Powerwalls, specifically, will be installed in January.  However, I would think that having a way for customers to get an update, especially two months past the expectations that Tesla set, would be reasonable.

Thanks again for your time.


Tesla Powerwall Order Update

I give up.  After reaching out to SolarCity with the tweet below, I was called and told April.

April is just about over and I’ve heard no further updates from Tesla. So, I reached out again.

I was told I’d be called soon, in a tweet that @SolarCity has since deleted.

After 3 days went by with no contact, I reached out again. Here was my reply though asking when “soon” is.

The rep then finally called after I communicated that there had been no missed calls and no voicemails. The rep said, “perhaps I dialed the phone number wrong.” Convenient?

The phone call was pointless. They said they don’t want to set any further expectations by referencing dates because “giving dates is what got us in this problem in the first place.” The alternative of making a $1000 deposit on two Tesla Powerwalls totaling a $10,000 purchase and having zero expectations of installation isn’t any better. I wouldn’t say that it’s date-giving that brought us to this problem. The inability for a company to give a pre-paying customer an update of any kind seems more troubling. In the four months since the Tesla Powerwall pre-order was paid, zero communication has been initiated on Tesla’s end. They are only reactive, and even then the conversation bares no fruit.

I was so eager to make my first purchase fromh Tesla and experience the amazingness that others clamor about. I’ve lost the sparkle in my fanboy Tesla eye. Scrapped my efforts to buy a Tesla car. It’s all fizzled out.

What experiences have other Tesla Powerwall pre-order customers had?