Successful business startups have nothing that you don’t have.

Some will say that you need venture capital, but I don’t believe that you NEED it one bit. It can help in some cases, but if you have a good product then you will rise to the top, regardless of funding.

What about time? You don’t have enough time? Buy someone else’s time. Hire a virtual assistant.

Virtual assistants are more realistic than you think, and if you hire right, their quality of work is probably better than your own.

What about skills? You don’t know how to design, do copywriting, or some other skillset? Buy someone else’s skillsets:

business blueprint


What about a physical presence? I don’t have/can’t afford an office. Who needs an office? Everything is available to communicate virtually these days.

Still need an office? Rent one by the hour.

You can get an office room for about $10 an hour or a whole conference room for $25 an hour.

I just closed a recurring $$$$ four-figure a month deal today, less than 45 minutes ago, with a beautiful couple that owns a business. Met and signed the contract at a Regus office.

What about a professional communications infrastructure? Since I don’t have an office, how can I have a phone system? Go virtual there, too. Get a VOIP phone with auto-attendant to answer and route your calls.