Thanks to the advent of the Internet, starting a business is a whole lot easier than it was in past years. It used to be that before you even entertained the idea of a startup company, you needed significant capital, a building, equipment, and a staff.

Online Business Ideas

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Thanks to today’s technology, you can start an online business all on your own with little or no capital. With sufficient know-how, you can immediately build a client list through social media and launch your company from your home office.

The following are suggestions for online businesses that people can start without much overhead:

  • Business letter writing – Many people who are searching for jobs do not know how to prepare a good resume or cover letter. Resume writing is more than the monotonous enumeration of the applicant’s accomplishments. People need to craft their resume in ways that will best showcase their strengths and appeal to potential employers. Word of mouth travels fast so if you can help one person find a job, more clients soon follow.
  • Internet marketing consultant – If you understand search engines and have expertise in platforms such as Google Analytics, you can start an online business as an internet marketing consultant. Many startups are still not familiar with the impact of internet marketing on their business. You can use your skill set to help companies promote their products and services.
  • Remote technical support – Small businesses rarely have the budget for a full-time IT employee. When something goes wrong with their computers, they may call an outside source. Be that lifeline.
  • Social media consultant – Business owners often feel overwhelmed by their work volume and may not have the time or expertise to be attentive to their social media accounts. Even if they know they’re leaving value on the table. As a social media consultant, you can guide small business owners through the intricacies of the craft, helping them create posting schedules and choose content for their target audiences. Your business will grow as their followers increase.

If you have a flair for entrepreneurship, it’s a great time to be alive. The Internet has created endless opportunities to start a business with relatively low risk.