Unless your product is a one-of-a-kind, it’s probably facing a sea of competitors.  You know that your business is the best, but the challenge is to convince others.


Make Your Business Stand Out

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Standing out from the crowd is a constant pursuit.  Here are a few tips for mastering it:


If you can create an image of your business that resonates well with your target audience, you are halfway to winning their loyalty. The image of your business registers with the consciences of your consumers.  If you can make a connection with their lifestyle and ideologies, you have a far better chance of winning their business.

Likewise, customers will choose your business if you are friendly and they feel comfortable with you. If every member of your staff projects great customer service, you will get a loyal following who will tell their friends about you.


We live in an age when people get answers and solutions immediately.  If you run a brick and mortar business, the location of your company and the way you run it must be convenient for customers—even if it’s slightly inconvenient for you. Be accessible to your customers, and deliver products and customer service in a timely manner. Whether you are working with students, working moms, or senior citizens, make sure that your location and hours are convenient.

Don’t forget that service is king in business. Make sure that your patrons can get in touch with you quickly.  Make it easy for them to relay their questions and concerns.  Express empathy and be as accommodating as possible.  There’s no substitute for good, old-fashioned customer service.


While I don’t aiming to be the cheapest, money talks, so make sure that your product is at least priced competitively.  But avoid racing to the bottom on price.  That’s a losing battle. Offer regular discounts and promotions as well as an occasional freebie.  People love free stuff.

It’s one thing to have a good product, but it’s quite another to make sure that the public knows just how good it is.  With a concerted effort, you can stay ahead of the curve in ways that your target audience will notice and respond to.