“What are your current dreams, Damon? Or have you achieved all of them already?”

Was asked this the other day by a team member and friend. It stuck with me. Been thinking about it and, I don’t know the answer.

Dreams change.

In my early 20-something entrepreneur years, I used to want all the money in the world. Not literally, but a lot more than I care for now.  But now I only want as much as little as possible to maintain a comfortable lifestyle with more time spent with my wife and kids.

I can’t think of any definitive dreams right now. I’m so focused on growing my company so that I can replace myself within it. And guess what? I’m almost there.  Kind of a contradiction, right? Do more so you can do less? But if you’re an entrepreneur, you know exactly what I mean.


“In all things, give thanks”

I’m sure I’ve lost a bit of myself building my business over the years, but being aware of that I’m okay with it.  I often talk about the value of short term sacrifices and delayed gratification for long-term payoffs. That’s how I view my dedication to work. Being passionate about what I do helps 10000%, but I do sacrifice a bit of myself.

That’s my short term sacrifice though for a long-term, delayed payoff… That in the not-so-distant future, I’ll be “done.” I’ll have total freedom to choose to be in or out of entrepreneur-land as much as I want.

  • ❌ I won’t have to make decisions based on finances.
  • ❌ I won’t have to make decisions on continued growth.
  • ✅ I can make decisions only on… nothing. Just what feels good.

Guess what I’m saying is that I look at temporarily losing a little bit of myself as a short term sacrifice to be able to afford the ability to fully discover myself later, and have the financial stability to be fully present in all other things that I choose to help others with.

You’ll have naysayers along any journey you pursue. But it’s your journey. Doesn’t matter if others doubt you. Only matters if you believe them.