I remember the 2008 recession

Today’s wild times remind me a lot like 13 years ago.  Well, except the whole crazy hair because you can’t get a haircut thing going on.

I remember the 2008 recession

13 years ago was when I started my business, unknowingly right before the 2008 recession. Back then I wasn’t a contributor for Forbes like today, nor had I grown a successful SEO company. All of those accomplishments that I’m proud of today launched during times like now.

I was a one man show, then two, then three… And maybe you’re on that journey now, building something special during these wild times.

Stay focused and stay positive. Despite what others may say, today isn’t the new norm. It’s temporary.  Things will start looking better in a few weeks. And in a few years we’ll look back again with stories of positivity and triumph.

Just as much as you may feel the need for guidance, others need your expertise, too.  You alone have your own unique stories and abilities to guide others. Share what knowledge you can. Help who you can.

The perspectives you hold today will cement your legacy in the future.  Together, we can make a difference. Now go do good.