Understandably, the world is scary right now. But I know more people that are up than down. Here’s why…

I don’t want to downplay the seriousness of what’s going on because many have been impacted.  But let’s focus on opportunities.

Industries are pivoting, and some of those innovations are amazing to witness.  If you’re transitioning online, a word of advice. Sell without selling.

Don’t say “buy my thing because you need it.”  Me, me, me.

What you do is give answers. Give solutions. Give without expecting in return.

“But, what if I share for free, readers take my advice and don’t buy from me? Why would I give that away for free?”

Do it.  Because you just helped somebody. Maybe they’ll refer their friend, or buy when ready. Or…

What if they buy right away?

You can’t lose, because here’s the thing. More than ever, people are buying based on trust.  Whatever you are good at, put it out there. Build relationships.  Hopefully you get some short term gains, but for sure you will build relationships that drive future business.

Things may be scary now, but what are you going to do about it?  I know more people that are up than down.

❌ Not because they’re in marketing.
✅ Because they’re pivoting.

And I want more of you to look at the positive opportunities.