Want to scale to the point of charging $1,000 an hour? Here’s how to do it for free.

  • 10 years ago I’d get one new client every other quarter
  • 5 years ago I’d get a new client every quarter
  • 3 years ago I’d get a new client every month

In the last few months we’re averaging one per week. All without spending a single dollar on ads. Only thing I did over the years was care about others…

  • I cared enough about them to review their site for free when they couldn’t afford SEO, and told them how to get a head start on their own.
  • I cared about their company enough to tell them “not right now” when it wasn’t the right time for them to invest in SEO.
  • I cared enough about them to tell them our rate was lower than the other guys when it really was, instead of taking advantage of what the exposed if they were paying more elsewhere.

I still give away some of my time for free, probably average an hour a day in free consulting. Helps me feel good to satisfy personal interests in supporting others. Also is a good way to know what you’re walking into by qualifying and disqualifying your leads.

By helping others you help them help you when they’re ready to pay. And when they’re ready to pay they know the value they’re getting and are willing to pay a premium.

And stop being so concerned about perfectly polished presentations. People buy when they can see the real you.

$4500/month client that signed today I talked to just one time ever, yesterday. He called back today to green-light the project. Beyond him confirming my skillset, know what he talked about the most? That he thought it was so cool when I mentioned taking my wife and kids to a marketing convention last week and that I take them everywhere. Him, as a family man… that mattered.

The seeds I planted years ago are blossoming like wildfire this year. Whomever says you can’t scale a business through kindness didn’t give away enough of their time when it mattered.