Here’s my story of how one chick pea wrecked my life… and that’s ok. Living with Eosinophilic Esophagitis and how it’s changed my personal and business life.

After you’ve watched the video, below is more information about my diet nowadays.

I’ve eliminated all triggers. Took a while but I’ve got it down. Every once in a while I find something new though.

I eat coconut and chicken every day.  Eeeeevvvveerrrrry day.

I use coconut milk as a base for smoothies.  Then I’ll do fruits and veggies for the nutrition.

Then, for calories, I load up on chia seeds or flax seeds.  They’re calorie dense so it’s nice to get a lot of calories without having to literally consume a lot.  Chia seeds are nice because they’re already really small.

Same for coconut shavings.  I’ll blend those up into the coconut milk as well.  They’re really calorie dense.

Attached is a spreadsheet that I’ve been working on over the last year. I’ve finally got it dialed in pretty well regarding what I can eat.

The first tab is foods I’ve tried. Highlighted in green are foods that I’m ok with.

The second tab is my daily meal prep. It also calculates all of my nutrition needs and daily calorie goals.

Hopefully this helps someone out there reading this.  You’re note alone.