Just gave away my 200’th signed copy of my book.  I lose money to send these out, and that’s just fine with me.

Separate from book sales, these are copies I keep at home and pay for out of pocket to give away for free to leads, celebrities, influencers, dream clients, business partners, family, and friends.

At about $7 out of pocket each, that’s around $1400 worth + a few hundred more for shipping.  But that cost has paid itself back immeasurably.

  • I’ve met the most amazing people through the book.
  • Even though it’s a marketing book, I have received “thank you” messages for how people related to the personal stories I shared.
  • I’ve closed deals out of it because of the trust that was established in writing a book and, probably more-so, being proactive with the gesture of me sending it creates mutual gratitude.

I note who I send the books to, when, and what I hand wrote inside. It’s fun to look back at who you have relationships with and see how far you grow personally.

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